steps to keep your print in shipshape

Caring for Your Giclee Canvas Print

  • Clean your giclee with a white, dry, soft, lint free cloth to gently wipe off dust/dirt from the giclee. Never use water, cleaner, or solvents. It’s best not to touch the surface with bare hands as the oils from the skin can cause damage- white cotton gloves are recommended when in doubt.
  • To avoid staining the giclee, do not clean it with a dirty or dark-colored cloth.
  • Treat your giclee as you would with an original oil painting. Protect your canvas from water, hard objects and adhesives as this can damage or scratch the surface.
  • Storing your giclee in a climate controlled space and out of direct sunlight is best for longevity. Do not store your rolled giclee in the carboard tube it arrived in long-term as it is not archival or acid free.
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What is a Giclee

Giclee prints are highly valued for their exceptional quality and can be found in prestigious art galleries, museums and private collections worldwide.

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