Caring For Your Original Oil

Tips and tricks to keep your painting in top shape

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Original oil paintings, crafted with archival and earth-friendly materials, embodies timeless beauty and longevity. With minimal upkeep, they can last a many generations.

1. Protect the front and back of the canvases surface from pointed or sharp objects and take caution when storing or moving the artwork. If you must lean the canvas during moving and hanging, always do so on the back wood of the stretcher bars so nothing leaves an indent in the canvas, as this could be permanent.

2. Light regular dusting of your artwork is recommended with a clean, white, dry, soft cloth. Do not use household cleaners or water to clean your artwork.

3. Keeping your artwork from direct sunlight will prolong your paintings life. Please be aware of this when choosing a location for it. The artwork should be kept in climate controlled spaces away from extreme hot or cold temperatures, as well as extreme humidity. Keep your artwork away from places like the attic or basement.

4. Storing the artwork is best done in a relative humidity of 45-55% in a temperature range of 65-70 d F. Wrap the painting and it's frame in acid-free paper before long-term storage to keep it dust free and never lay or stack the artwork flat on the floor. Instead, store the artwork upright with cardboard in between. This will also save on space.

6. When hanging your artwork, be sure the painting is hanging securely and safely using any recommended hardware. Make note of the weight of the painting and use suitably heavy screws, nails, or hooks. Feel free to reach out for advice if you are not sure!

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